My time with GamersBlock and its new brother site


I am not a journalist. I don’t have college or university diplomas or certificates. I have never interned at a media company. I never had an aspiration in high school to become a writer. What made me want to consider taking up writing as a hobby was playing videogames and reading videogame magazines.

When the whole blogging craze began, I started a blog on google’s platform in 2007. I think my blog’s name was “playalot”. My blog was not popular at all, and it was just a terrible blog. My spelling and punctuation was all over the place.

In my opinion, I still need work on my punctuation among other stuff to make sure that everyone can understand my thoughts.

When people started to realize that these “free hosted” intended mono blogs can be inhabited with multiple authors the whole game changed.

I wanted to expand as others did, and I decided to go and recruit people to write with me. A year later, I financed the move to create a website because there was limitations in the blogger platform in terms of site-wide design improvements, image and video storage. I named that website “GamersBlock” and while the exact birth date is forgotten, I remember we launched the site in 2008.

The whole site was disbanded a year later due to dividing views. I totally regret bringing in others to participate with me on Gamers Block. Since then, I struggled with what I should do with Gamers Block. I let the site go “ghost” for a year and then I re-launched it to just shut it down again. What happened is that I tried to re create the work of ten people by myself and it didn’t work.

Why am I making a video game news site, and I am just one person?

Thus, this Gamers Block site is now just a personal blog of my thoughts and it will remain that way.

I got to admit I have the itch to make a video game news site. But its going to be done in a way that will only involve me. I will share it with you all soon.

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