Microsoft and Rogers: Xbox 360 + NextBox Bundle


I was reading either Metro News or 24, which are two separate free weekly newspapers that run nationwide here in Canada, and I viewed an Ad about a Rogers NextBox 2.0 PVR and Xbox 360 bundle deal currently running in the province of Ontario, Canada.

First: Rogers has their Anyplace TV App only on the Xbox 360.

Second, Rogers and Microsoft know that “giving away” items upon a purchase moves freight out their DC’s really quickly. And the words “giving away” is really just another expensive monthly add on. You get an Xbox 360 when Rogers knows you need “their internet access”.

Third: Thought, I was going to bring up the whole Xbox broadcast TV deal thing with Rogers, huh? Truth is, its a rumor.

If true, I expect Rogers and Microsoft to roll out another package deal on that. Something has me thinking…how about calling that deal the NextBox?

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