Goodbye To Print Media


To the disappointment of many subscribers and people who prefer to buy at the news stand, PlayStation: The Official magazine,Nintendo Power, and the 22 year old GamePro magazine, have released their final print issues.

PlayStation: The official magazine was the latest to cease publication in late 2012. Nintendo Power ended in August 2012, and Game Pro magazine in 2011.

The reason why PlayStation:TOM and Nintendo Power are over is not officially known. There are websites like writing reports based on their sources insights between Future US and Nintendo’s discussions over Nintendo Power. Looking at what IDG said about its GamePro publication, it becomes known that GamePro’s end is a result of a lack of advertising money.

Newsweek recently announced they are shutting down their print operations, and moving to a digital service. Newsweek circulation peaked in 1991 at 3.3 million but was down to 1.5 million in June, according to a NYT posting. Advertising pages and revenue grew modestly, it brought in a fraction of the money earned by rivals like Time, also according to the NYT posting.

Going back above to what caused GamePro demise, the same can be part attributed with Newsweek. Newsweek had about 500 pages in advertising this year and having that amount of pages made the magazine not sustainable once Newsweek financial support was pulled this summer.

VG magazines have also seen advertising drop over the years. Remember when video game magazines had loads of advertisers back like 15 years ago? The fact is that many business which advertised in Game Pro, from overseas importers to Blockbuster video, have closed.

Video game publishers like Sega, and Midway have gone bankrupt and others have merged like Enix, Tatio Corporation, Square and Edios interactive to form Square Enix. Companies that are still around that advertised strong in GamePro like GameStop have spent less on print advertising. In fact, GameStop has their own magazine to spend money on, Game Informer.

With the move of some print publications to digital there are good reasons to make the switch as cost relating to printing, postage and distribution don’t apply to digital releases. The bad is that publications will earn less as print advertisers pay more than digital advertisers.

With the good and the bad laid out for the upcoming digital switch, its up to publishers to embrace the future of digital or stay on the print course.

Unfortunately,many have already made their bed early and closed shop.

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